Welcome, friends, to the Society for Truth in Language's official web presence.

We are a diverse community of truth-seekers: lusting for the truth that lurks beneath the language we use to make and share our reality.

We live in a world of lies. They surround us everyday. We cannot communicate with each other in integrity unless the medium for our communication becomes integrated and saturated with the truth itself.

How are we fixing this problem? Good question. You've come to the right website. Read on.

Through this interactive web portal you can search through our ever-growing catalogue of language-truths: Here you will find words, phrases, and other linguistic items that have been purified of their inaccuracies, obfuscations, ambiguities, abbreviations, and shortenings.

What you can do on the site:

So, we welcome you. Take a look around. And remember: fight the power.