Texas Department of Transportation of the City of San Antonio

Texas DOT Logo

The Texas Department of Transportation of the City of San Antonio, Texas is extremely concerned with the degradation of their municipality's language, particularly on their street signs and printed tourist maps. The Society for Truth in Language is proud to partner with them in order to, as Gina E. Gallegos, P.E., district engineer puts it, "Kick their shit up a notch." Signs are being torn down and reprinted as we speak.

Time Magazine, Multimedia Department

Time Magazine Logo

While the Editorial Department of Time Magazine takes great issue with the important work of The Society for Truth in Language, the entire staff of the Multimedia Department of Time Magazine are members with privileges of The Society for Truth in Language and have been working with us to bring more linguistic integrity into their work and to resist and fight the condemnable language desecration culture of the rest of Time Magazine. Like us, progress is slow, but persistent. Our efforts will not be in vain.

Airline Consortium

Plane taking off

A consortium has formed between American Airlines, JetBlue, and Grand Canyon Scenic Airlines. While Spirit airlines asked to join, we wouldn't let them because no one at any of the other airlines or at The Society for Truth in Language likes or respects them. According to peer-reviewed academic studies by trusted, independent air-traffic safety professionals, forty-three fatal mid-air collisions and other aviation accidents have been avoided to date due to the use of appropriately disambiguated words and phrases in the cockpit alone. Thank you, American Airlines. Thank you, Jet Blue. Thank you, Grand Canyon Scenic Airlines. You deserve a medal. We're furnishing you with medals at our next conference! Let us pat ourselves and each other on the backsides of our torsos. If you or someone you love runs a national or local airline, please join our consortium (unless you are Spirit airlines).

Partner with us!

If you or your organization would like to partner with The Society for Truth in Language, don't hesitate to contact us. Volunteers and paid employees of our organization are standing by to teach, revise, and advise you and your staff, to make the world a better, clearer place. No more uncertainty. No more hate.

This is the end of our partnerships website page, please check back soon for exciting new updates!